William Pearce

St. Ronan’s Standard and Effective Advertiser

Wednesday 8th April 1914.


Pearce, at 22 Waverley Road, on the 2nd April, William Pearce, aerated water manufacturer, aged 76 years.

THE LATE MR. WILLIAM PEARCE – On Thursday morning, the death took place at his residence in Waverley Road, of Mr. William Pearce, at the aged [sic] of 75, head and founder of the firm of Messrs. William Pearce & Sons, Aerated Water Manufacturers. Mr. Pearce was a native of Tunbridge Wells, and came to Innerleithen some 48 years ago [1866] and was employed as a postman, when his round included the whole of the Burgh as it is now understood, and extended on the Peebles Road to Horsburgh.

A few years afterwards he entered upon the occupancy of St. Ronan’s Wells (in succession to his father) where in 1877 he commenced the manufacture of aerated waters. The business increased rapidly and it was found necessary to remove it to Morningside and eventually to the premises which are now occupied by it in Miller Street. Although of a retiring disposition Mr. Pearce allowed himself in 1904 to be nominated for the Town Council at a time of municipal crisis and was elected to the Board, where he did some good work, but was shortly afterwards compelled to retire owing to ill-health.

Mr. Pearce has been in indifferent health for some time, however he was looking forward to the coming fine weather to get out more frequently, but took suddenly ill on Wednesday night and died the next morning. The deceased gentleman was an earnest member and liberal supporter of the Congregational Church, being a deacon and trustee for about thirty years and holding the office of secretary on several occasions. Being an enthusiast in musical matters, he was the leader of the choir for several years. Mrs. Pearce predeceased her husband about two years ago, but he leaves a family of six sons and one daughter to mourn his loss.